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We make aquatic animals feel at home

Our solution to live transport is to make all aquatic animals feel at home.

Through innovation and research, we’ve replicated their natural habitat. The animals remain in seawater containers equipped with our patented water quality and gas management system. It’s the optimal solution for live transport by land and sea around the globe.

By delivering more of what you want – more volume, more humane transport – and less of what you don’t – less stress, less handling, less shrinkage – we improve your bottom line.  

Your live sea animals arrive at their destination in great condition, whether the journey is two days, ten days or longer. Our tests observed less than 1% weight loss over 17 days. And our customers confirm ­­– the flavor is fantastic!

The world is your oyster when you make Ocean Perfect your live transport provider.

Portret of Norway King Crab CEO Svein Ruud
“Norway King Crab has worked with Ocean Perfect technology for five years. We transport live king crab from North Norway to our tanks at Oslo, 2000 km away. We do about 250-300 Mt a year. Ocean Perfect offers the best solution for Norway King Crab and the live animals. High volume, high survival rates, and exceptional taste quality has helped make us an industry leader. Ocean Perfect’s container technology also helps us shift from high carbon emission air freight to low carbon emission by truck. We hope to use Ocean Perfect containers across the Atlantic Ocean and to Asia. It’s ultimate contribution to ‘go green’ in the live seafood industry.”
Svein Ruud
CEO Norway King Crab

Ocean Perfect offers two types of containers, supplying advanced solutions for transporting and stocking live seafood.

The best-in-class solution for transporting live seafood

Discover our SSU-equipped containers, designed to provide a natural habitat for live seafood during transportation. Click the button below to learn more about our revolutionary seafood logistics.

From stocking to delivery

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