Live seafood transport

Live Haul around the world in an Ocean Perfect environment!

Ocean Perfect offers an advanced, patented logistic solution for transporting and stocking live seafood.

This solution is a sophisticated system containing a container and multiple tanks, called SSU’s (Serve the Sea Units) with a filtration and oxygenation system.

Its technology guarantees the quality of the live seafood while beeing transported or being stocked. 

It’s a truly global reach, run by an international team of seafood and logistics entrepreneurs. 

Live Haul around the world in an Ocean Perfect environment!

Svein Ruud, CEO Norway King Crab,

“Norway King Crab has worked with Ocean Perfect technology for five years. We transport live king crab from North Norway to our tanks at Oslo, a distance of 2000 km. We do about 250-300 Mt a year.

We are sure this is the best solution for Norway King Crab and our product. High volume, low mortality, stabile technology helps us be on top of the business. The Ocean Perfect solution also helps us to shift from high carbon emission air freight to low carbon emission by truck.

We just started to use the Ocean Perfect solution for transporting live snow crab. Our findings so far shows that it works perfectly fine.

In the future, we hope to develop technology and logistical solutions, allowing us to use containers across the Atlantic Ocean and hopefully to Asia. It’s the ultimate contribution to “go green” in the live seafood industry”.