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We are here to elevate your seafood business in an Ocean Perfect environment

An international team of seafood and logistics entrepreneurs with global experience

Ocean Perfect was founded 2016 in the Netherlands by an international team of seafood and logistics entrepreneurs with global experience. Our team includes aquatic veterinarians, marine biologists, and experts in logistics and live haul storage and shipping of seafood.

In 2021 we collaborated with scientists from Huntsman Marine Science Center and Valores marine research institutes in New Brunswick, Canada, with the goal of improving animal welfare during transport. This partnership led to the development of our patented contained technology, which allows live seafood to be transported and stocked in seawater throughout the shipping process.

In everything we do, we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment and improving seafood welfare, resulting in higher quality and value for the seafood we deliver.

Our Vision is to be a global leader, an ultimate innovative business in the seafood logistics industry by maintaining a natural environment for the live animals we transport!
Our Mission is to revolutionize the live seafood logistics industry by continuously improving our technology and improving the taste experience of live seafood worldwide!

CEO of Ocean Perfect

Andrew is an entrepreneurial executive with a proven track record in building successful businesses. With years of experience in the seafood industry, he is adept in all aspects of business marketing and operations, including finance, government relations, sales, and HR management. Andrew assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer at Ocean Perfect in July 2023.

Portret Photo Ocean Perfect CEO Andrew Lively

“Embracing the challenge to transport life itself across oceans, we redefine seafood quality.”

Andrew Lively


Striving for 'best-in-class' standards, so seafood arrives fresh and vibrant, maintaining superior quality throughout transportation processes.


Pioneering innovative solutions, continuously enhancing container design to optimize conditions for live seafood, driving efficiency and effectiveness.

Enhancing Animal Welfare

Preserving marine ecosystems while delivering exceptional seafood.

Customer Focus

Prioritizing customer needs, we offer reliable and customized solutions, ensuring seamless and satisfying experiences for all seafood transportation.


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