Ocean Perfect will soon be launching an innovative, best in class service for multi-modal transport and mobile storage of live aquatic animals. Containers equipped with our BlueVita Technology will provide optimal environments for live fish and shellfish, with the confidence that these conditions will be maintained over extended distances and durations.

With a commitment to innovation and industry performance standards, BlueVita Technology maintains the quality of natural habitat water, improves volume efficiency and lowers carbon footprint. Simple put, BlueVita Technology will deliver the healthiest aquatic animals, beyond their natural habitats. Live Haul around the world in an Ocean Perfect enviornment!

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Live Haul around the world in an Ocean Perfect environment!​

BlueVita Technology addresses major factors associated with live haul of shellfish and fish:

  • Shipment duration and distance
  • Stocking levels and shipment quantities
  • Product weight and survival
  • Stress and product quality
  • Humane treatment
  • Multi-species shipments


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