Thanks to the OCEAN PERFECT system and the SERVE THE SEA-Units, it is now possible for every chef and food enthusiast around the world to enjoy the best quality live seafood the world has to offer.


The individual tanks held inside the OCEAN PERFECT container are called “Serve-the-Sea Units”. (SSU’s)

The SERVE THE SEA UNIT come with a transferable lever-mechanism and isolated pump system which can be connected to 12V or regular 220V connection, which allows it to be transported in regular refrigerated trucks and can be installed at any point-of-sale for seafood.

The optimum set-up for any seafood point-of-sale is 2 SSU’s; One Unit for the storage of live crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters, langoustines. One Unit for the storage of live shellfish such as oysters, mussels, cockles, razor clams, abalone, etc.


The purpose and value of the SERVE THE SEA-UNITS is three fold:

1. To allow growers and exporters of live seafood a means of distribution for less-than-container-loads (per SSU) of live products from arrival ports to final destinations within a country or continent.

2. To provide national chains of distribution. (multi-outlet cash&carry / wholesalers) to purchase larger volumes of live shellfish while reducing waste of both product and packaging, and leaving a lessor impact on the environment.

3. To allow live storage at the best possible quality at the point-of-sale, being the fresh seafood markets, foodservice wholesalers, cash&carry outlets or premium retail outlet, providing a superior purchase experience for chefs and foodies alike.