Live Seafood Technology

Live Seafood Technology

Designed To Improve Animal Welfare And Deliver Highest Quality Live Seafood


The Best Seafood Transport Experience

Ocean Perfect offers an innovative, best-in-class solution for transporting and stocking live seafood.

Our containers are specifically designed to accommodate Serve the Sea Units (SSUs) filled with seawater. The SSUs are plugged into the container’s patented water quality and gas management system that injects oxygen into the seawater, removing waste, ammonia, carbon dioxide while maintaining desired water temperatures. The live animals make the journey immersed in a natural environment from harvest to their destination. This advanced container technology, developed for long haul by land or sea, offers a lower carbon footprint and a more environmentally friendly alternative to air freight. The container water quality and gas management system is compact, and the containers themselves are well insulated and built with lighter-weight steel for better efficiency.

Our Advanced Containers

Revolutionizing Seafood Logistics

Your live seafood arrive at their destination in optimum condition, whether the journey is two days, ten days or longer.

The Premium Container

Premium container, suitable for sea shipment, boast the capability to sustain live seafood for over 20 days.

The Enhanced Container

These specialized containers, ideal for shorter shipping distances, can maintain live seafood for a remarkable 16 days.



Stocking: Live seafood is loaded into the Serve the Sea Units (SSUs) tanks on interlocking circular trays.



Loading: Serve the Sea Units (SSU) tanks are loaded into the Ocean Perfect container and plugged into our water quality and gas management system.



Tracking: Ocean Perfect offer GPS container tracking.



Unloading: The container is unloaded as a whole unit.


Seawater Disposal

Seawater Disposal: The container sea water is treated for safe disposal at destination points.

Track your container

The Essential Container For Every Seafood Business

Ocean Perfect’s patented system is designed to deliver your live seafood in optimum condition. We invite you to follow us every step of the way. Our sophisticated satellite tracking and monitoring system provides excellent visibility inside the container, and end-to-end traceability of your shipment.

Remote tracing of your seafood increases your responsiveness and your ability to mitigate risk. The results? A better bottom line, improved customers relations, and the confidence that comes with knowing you can trust the delivery process.   

We take the stress out of live seafood shipping for the seafood, and for you. Peace of mind in real time. One more reason to choose Ocean Perfect to elevate your seafood business.

Species We Ship

Each SSU can hold a different species. Our list is expanding!


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