Live Seafood Transport & Technology

The Ocean Perfect system is suitable for land-based transport as well as ocean freight. This technology enables the transportation of live seafood from remote locations and bringing it to customers across the world. 

The 40 feet reefer container and the SSU’s are equipped with a filtration and oqygenation system to keep live seafood in great condition. 

The system can also operate individual SSU’s or interconnect with the whole system. This allowes the Ocean Perfect containers to be ‘split up’ on arrival in ports, and to allow finer distibution of less than container loads (single SSU’s).

Live Haul around the world in an Ocean Perfect environment!

Ocean perfect, “Shipments of live clams, snow crab, oysters, and lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada to Europe have been a succes with the Ocean Perfect technology. In addition, weekly truck transports are taking place between northern Norway and southern Norway, carrying King Crab and Snow Crab. Ocean Perfect has successfully completed trail shipments of live oysters and mussels to Hong Kong and other Asian destinations, and we continue to optimize the transport system to maintain  our market leader position in sustainable alternatives to air freight”.

Edward Poulson, Part Owner, F/V Patricia Lee and F/V Aleution No 1, “Ocean Perfect’s business model compliments my business by facilitating the logistics of live sales, allowing me to better focus on procuring product and sales. The Ocean Perfect team has provided outstanding support to the point where I see them as part of my team”.