Fresh and live shellfish is enjoyed by millions across the world.

With production areas often located far from the major markets of consumption, the need for sustainable freight solutions is apparent; the most common means to get products to market is by airfreight or by processing and freezing the shellfish.

The OCEAN PERFECT solutions bridges the gap between remote production areas and major markets without jeopardizing quality or environmental standards.

The heart of the system is a 40′ reefer container with 20 tanks, all interconnected through a piping system for oxygen and water inside the container. Each tank can contain 1,500 litres of water and carries up to 700 kg of live sea creatures. One 40 container can carry up to 14 tons of live fish, shellfish and crustaceans.

Each tank is equipped with a special filter which can be used for active filtration during the ocean freight and the road transport – circulation through the filter tanks is 800 liters per hour.

The containers are equipped with a double compressor system that – through circular waterflow – supplies air to the tanks during ocean freight. The piping system can also operate individual tanks or interconnect with the whole system.

This allows the Ocean Perfect containers to be ‘split-up’ on arrival in ports, and to allow finer distribution of less than container loads (single SSU) The supply chain is closely managed by OCEAN PERFECT in an unbroken cold chain offering full transparency and traceability throughout.


Live seafood transportation is made possible through the use of our advanced and patented shipping containers. The system can be used for landbased transport – road & rail – as well as ocean based transport of live seafood.

Our focus for the transportation of live seafood is in the product ranges of shellfish and crustacean species. Our partner, Le Petit Pecheur, is the largest indoor holding facility for live shellfish and crustaceans in Europe.

The system can be used for landbased transport – road & rail – as well as ocean based transport. At Ocean Perfect, we aim for our many partners to fully utilize our entire fleet of live seafood containers, as this technology enables us to optimize the supply chain, both when procuring products at remote locations or when bringing our shellfish to our clients in far-away destinations.

The Live Seafood Containers are in addition to their purpose in transport, ideel for wet storage of live shellfish and crustaceans. We use the Live Seafood containers for collecting products in remote production areas as well as other strategic locations like Portugal and Ireland, where we collect a variety of clams, lobsters, oysters, brown crab as well as scallops, spider crab and Langoustines, which are very hard to transport dry. 

We collect product weekly from our live seafood storage containers and transport these products to our facility to place them in the wet storage of our partner Le Petit Pecheur.