Consider, for a moment, that the live shellfish are kept in their natural environment almost from catch or harvest until they are sold and brought to market. By this we are able to decrease stress of the product and improve the overall animal well fare through the supply chain.

In addition; Converting airfreight to ocean freight in OCEAN PERFECT containers reduces CO2 emissions by up to 90% while maintaining the tasting experience only achieved with fresh products.


Shipments of live clams, snow crab, oysters and lobsters from Nova Scotia, Canada to The Netherlands have already been completed with success. In addition, weekly truck transports are taking place between Portugal and The Netherlands, carrying South European clam species as well
as live oysters. 

Ocean Perfect has successfully completed trial shipments of live oysters and mussels to Hong Kong, and continue to optimize the transport system to maintain our market leader position in sustainable transport alternatives to air freight.